”Women and Youth Entrepreneurs Leading Change – OBADER” Project (Round 2) Applications are Open

This announcement comes within the framework of the project "Women and Youth Entrepreneurs Leading Change - OBADER " which is implemented by CARE International (WBG) and funded by the Government of Canada for four years 2018-2022, in partnership with the Business Women Forum and the Center for Continuing Education at Birzeit University in the West Bank, and Save Youth Future Society and Small Enterprises Center in the Gaza Strip. OBADER aims to enhance the economic empowerment and increase the prosperity of low-income women and/or female and male youth as entrepreneurs and employees in central (including Nablus) and south of West Bank and Gaza (WBG).

OBADER is designed to strengthen the enabling entrepreneurship ecosystem through working to reduce gender-specific barriers (structural and social barriers) to entrepreneurship for women and youth, and to enhanced agency and business opportunities for women and youth entrepreneurs to successfully establish, sustain, or grow a sustainable business. OBADER will provide targeted support to women and youth start-ups and micro, small medium enterprises (MSMEs) from the traditional and non-traditional sectors, and entrepreneurs of creative business ideas to capitalize upon market opportunities, and then equip them to establish or build financially and environmentally sustainable, profitable, and growing enterprises.

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OBADER project will provide different services packages for selected women and youth enterprises. The services will be designed and implemented by the project’s partners based on needs assessment of the selected MSMEs.

Target Groups:
  • Women entrepreneurs who have existing MSME
  • Women entrepreneurs who have business ideas or startup businesses

  • Youth (male and female):
  • Youth entrepreneurs who have existing MSEs
  • Youth entrepreneurs who have creative business ideas or startup businesses
  • Youth entrepreneurs who have creative ideas to develop their family businesses

  • Women cooperatives:
  • Women cooperatives that have an established business
Services packages will include:
  • Raising awareness of entrepreneurship concepts among youth and women and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Capacity building of women and youth entrepreneurs in several areas including, but not limited to, market research, business planning, business management, financial management and access to information.
  • Improve the agency, capacities and opportunities of women and youth entrepreneurs to reach an environment that helps them build and develop their businesses.
  • Enhancing their access to financial resources.
  • Enhancing their access to relevant technical services.
  • Enhancing their access to domestic and foreign markets.

Application Process

To apply for OBADER project, follow a link below based on your location and the target group that you fit in

Please note the following:
  • Applications are only electronic through the links available below based on the location and target group
  • Please make sure to choose the right/ most suitable target group that you better fit in
  • Read the application criteria of each target group which is available on the relevant application form page
  • By applying you agree that you will submit any supporting document that might be needed later to cross-check your application information
  • Please make sure to apply only once, through one link.
  • Submitting an application successfully does not guarantee your selection for the program
  • If have any questions or need any support in filling the application, please contact the relevant partner who is specified for your location and target group

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Contact Information

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Working Hours

Sunday to Thursday
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