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Ghadeer Omar – one of “Entrepreneurship Skills for Young Start-Up Entrepreneurs” beneficiaries

Ghadeer Omar – one of “Entrepreneurship Skills for Young Start-Up Entrepreneurs” beneficiaries


Miss Ghadeer Omar is 24 years old who finished her study in Information Technology in 2010. She worked in Non-Governmental Organizations for temporary jobs but she failed to get her permanent job where she can get monthly salary to cover her daily expenses and help her family
Ghadeer started learning the essentials of designing and producing different shapes of accessories through viewing videos and searching for lessons through the internet till she reached to the ability to work effectively and create new designs. After that she purchased the needed raw materials with only "200 ILS" and produced her first group and sold them to accessories shops where they encouraged her to bring more and more, so she started working from home and distribute to shops or sell upon request to the individual customers.

Ghadeer is now having her own business where she can manage it and also design, produce and sell under her own brand name "HARMONY".

Ghadeer is now producing accessories such as :rings, necklaces and earrings. On the other hand she added embroidery on bags to her business beside accessories with adding crystal on the bags in addition to selling Jeans with pieces of accessories on them. Ghadeer is now selling her products to individual customers and also to wholesalers.
Ghadeer is now working in the business from 9:00 am to 10:pm, so she employed on worker to help her. Ghadeer is very happy of achieving her dream of owning her own store and she worked on marketing for her brand name and her business through participating in exhibitions in universities and other exhibitions organized to support local Palestinian products.

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